Entry: Iceland Ash
Focus: Radar Virtuel

The Radar Virtuel goal is to make available online the largest real-time aircraft traffic coverage. This information can be useful for various needs, locating an aircraft for personal or business purposes, computing statistics, and notably it can lead to a better public understanding of what happens above our heads, and display on the web some data that is already available, and make it easy to interpret.


Entry: Reprogramming
Focus: Hyperhabitat

Hyperhabitat, reprogramming the world is the biggest Internet Zero network ever built. This video shows how the installation at the Venice Biennale Architecture Exhibition works, how are established the relations between objects and scales, nodes and codelines, visualization and representation.



Entry: Sensible Environment
Focus: Post Oil Cities

Post Oil Cities is a project without commercial objectives that forms part of the activities of hybrids thought and action with which we investigate the relationships between humans and their environment from an ecological viewpoint. As well as post oil cities, hybrid 2.0 have open lines of investigation on art ecology, perception, landscape and eco architecture.


Entry: Renewable
Focus: Nordic Energy Solutions

The official showcase for Nordic renewable energy strongholds. The Nordic countries generate 63 percent of their electricity from renewable sources. No other region in the world can match this. We do have a lot of rain, mountains, forests and wind to work with, but crucially we have the technology to exploit these resources and a political framework that encourages innovation and the use of clean energy sources.