Entry: Transdisciplinary
Focus: 3deluxe

The collective title 3deluxe connotes an interdisciplinary team of about 40 individuals from the fields of architecture, interior design, art, graphic design, media design and product design. On the basis of this broad spectrum of specialist knowledge, 3deluxe devises holistic design solutions that range from graphic identities via media installations to architecture and all boast a coherent aesthetics.


Entry: Holistic Solutions
Focus: Post-Oil City

Thinking and acting ecologically, environmentally friendly planning, and energy-efficient forms of construction – these are the new standards for a society that is faced with the effects of climate change and the foreseeable end of fossil fuels. Architects and urban planners seek to meet this challenge, and as the majority of the world’s inhabitants already live in cities, urban areas have become the main setting for their endeavours.


Entry: Energy Efficiency
Focus: Solar Decathlon Europe

The Solar Decathlon Europe (SD Europe) 2010 was created through an agreement signed between the Government of Spain's Ministry of Housing and the United States Government, who committed to organize a sustainable solar architecture competition in Europe.


Entry: Responsive Textiles
Focus: Loop.pH

Loop.pH is a London based design and research studio that aims to bridge the gap between design and the natural sciences. They specialise in the conception, construction and fabrication of environmentally responsive textiles for the built environment. Loop.pH belong to an emerging generation of designers redefining conventions of how, why and with what things are made. Emphasis is placed on learning from both traditional craft based practices alongside the cutting edge of scientific and technological discovery.