Entry: 22nd Century
Focus: Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is a multi-faceted corporation working for the betterment of medical, communications, energy, transportation, and entertainment technology. As humanity moves boldly into the future, Massive Dynamic will be there leading the way, improving the quality of life for people everywhere.


Entry: Changing Behaviors
Focus: MIT Energy Conference

The goal of the MIT Energy Conference is to bring together leaders in the fields of technology, policy, industry, and finance to develop solutions for the tremendous challenges present in today’s energy markets. The confluence of environmental and security concerns have created an opportunity for fundamental change in the way the world produces and consumes energy. The MIT Energy Conference will showcase promising technology and policy approaches that have the potential to achieve critical scale and make a significant impact on the global energy landscape.


Entry: Open Network Ecology
Focus: Terreform ONE

Terreform ONE is a non-profit design group that promotes green design in cities. Through our creative projects and outreach efforts, we hope to illuminate the environmental possibilities of New York City and inspire solutions in areas like it around the world. It is a unique laboratory for scientists, artists, architects, students, and individuals of all backgrounds to explore and advance the larger framework of green design.



Entry: Ecomedia
Focus: Urban Interface

Urban-interface links ecology and media to explore the interrelationship between designed and emergent systems in cities, by examine the architecture of environmental and social change through the interface of urban design and multimedia.