Entry: Future Thinkers
Focus: Future Fundamentals

Credit Suisse and National Geographic have partnered to create the Future Fundamentals programme, designed to explore the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow. Together, we are focusing on some of the most thought-provoking forces affecting the world today and how we can set out foundations in order to progress to a brighter future. Fundamental trends occurring in the world today will provide a valuable understanding of how we build a sustainable and successful future.


Entry: New Materials
Focus: Smart Surfaces

Smart Surfaces brings these design fields into the creative focus of planners and designers, and emphasizes concrete possibilities for applications. Planning fundamentals, including cost-benefit analyses, and questions related to building, including details of constructions, are presented in a clear and intelligible way. The various materials are introduced and their potentials assessed. Smart Surfaces not only offers a good overview of the themes but also provides inspiration for making use of these new surfaces.


Entry: Foresight
Focus: Drivers of Change

A factoid and rhetorical question are on one face, backed up by further information about the driver on the other face. The set was devised by the Foresight & Innovation team at Arup, a group tasked with exploring emerging trends and how they impact upon business of Arup and its clients. This innovative tool will help anyone concerned with trying to anticipate and respond to the challenges facing our society today.