Entry: Network
Focus: GeoEye

GeoEye is a premier provider of superior satellite and aerial imagery, location information products and image processing services. The products and services enable timely, accurate and accessible location intelligence that translates into timely and vital insights for our customers, anywhere and at any time.


Entry: Network
Focus: Architizer

Architizer is a new way for architects to interact, show their work, and find clients. It is an open community created by architects for architects. One architectural project has dozens of contributors, from the intern who made the conceptual models to the construction administrator. A project on Architizer links all members of the architectural community.


Entry: Modeling Tools
Focus: Evolute

In a design process requirements may be readjusted or even changed in a rigorous way on very short notice. Evolute has developed flexible design tools that allow us to adapt to such changes spontaneously. This also fits nicely into the paradigm of parametric modeling, design tools and software development skills allow us to close the gaps in parametric modeling tools.



Entry: Cybernetics
Focus: C:ADM2010

“Cybernetics: Art, Design, Mathematics, A Meta-Disciplinary Conversation” is a conference where the main business will be to confer, to explore ideas through discussion and open exchange, in other words, to take part in an enormous brainstorm. It is concerned with forming and asking the next question rather than reporting on answers to the last question.