Entry: City and Innovation
Focus: Cluster

Cluster gives voice to the potential of innovation, peripherical and central visions, and global outlooks. It is a place where architects, designers, artists, curators, critics and everyone can exchange and confront opinions. The aim is to encourage debate and active participation, the promotion of cultural events and support for creative expression in different disciplines. Current events, journalistic information and music, but above all critical reflections make the fabric of Cluster.


Entry: Extending Geometry
Focus: Fractal Cities: A Geometry of Form and Function

A pioneering study of the development and use of fractal geometry for understanding and planning the physical form of cities, showing how this geometry enables cities to be simulated through computer graphics, this book provides an accessible, thought-provoking introduction to fractal geometry, as well as a visual understanding of the form of cities.



Entry: Energy & Environment
Focus: International Sustainable Systems Research Center

ISSRC is committed to identifying approaches and technologies to support environmentally sustainable economic growth. Present world population of 6.3 billion is expected to pass 9 billion by 2050. If future per capita pollution and energy use matches present rates in developed countries, the impact on the world's environment will be catastrophic.


Entry: Sustainability
Focus: Whole Building Handbook

The Whole Building Handbook is a compendium of all the issues and strategies that architects need to understand to design and construct sustainable buildings for a sustainable society. The authors move beyond the current definition of sustainability in architecture, which tends to focus on energy-efficiency, to include guidance for architecture that promotes social cohesion, personal health, renewable energy sources, water and waste recycling systems, permaculture, energy conservation - and crucially, buildings in relation to their place.