Entry: 360-Degree Decision Support
Focus: Economist Intelligence Unit

The Economist Intelligence Unit is the world's foremost provider of country, industry and management analysis. Founded in 1946 when a director of intelligence was appointed to serve The Economist, the Economist Intelligence Unit is now a leading research and advisory firm with more than 40 offices worldwide. For over 60 years, the Economist Intelligence Unit has delivered vital business intelligence to influential decision-makers around the world. Our extensive international reach and unfettered independence make us the most trusted and valuable resource for international companies, financial institutions, universities and government agencies.


Entry: Environment
Focus: The Earth: Natural Resources and Human Intervention

The current use of natural resources has caused climate change, ever-expanding deserts, dried up rivers, erosion and devastating floods. Nature's work is being damaged by our everyday economic processes, and for the last 5 years Professor Schmidt-Bleek has demanded a dematerialization of the economy by 10 per cent. In this book he argues that this is technically possible without reducing people's standard of living.