Entry: Database
Focus: Solar Feeds

Solar Feeds is the largest solar power news and commentary network on the web, interested in increasing the number of contributors into the site. Each contributor is furnished with their own page with logo, name, bio, and links to articles.


Entry: Exhibition
Focus: Synathroisis

The reading of our environment as a summation of multiple systems that maintain external and internal rules, as it is phrased in philosophy, biology, mathematics, physics and sociology, is translated into architectural practice by an emergent school of architects over the last decade.



Entry: Computational Biology
Focus: PLoS

PLoS Computational Biology features works of exceptional significance that further our understanding of living systems at all scales—from molecules and cells, to patient populations and ecosystems—through the application of computational methods. Readers include life and computational scientists, who can take the important findings presented here to the next level of discovery.


Entry: Extra Dimensional
Focus: In Search of Time

Exploration on the origins of calendar time, from primitive astronomical observatories to the precision clocks of today. Though the movement of the heavens provided the basis for years, months, days and even the seven-day week, it wasn't until the Catholic Church needed to date important events like Easter that reconciling the lunar and solar calendars became a major concern.