Entry: Ecological City and Building
Focus: Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Cities aims to inspire and engage in conversations about sustainable cities with people, communities and organizations from all over the world, with the collect and disseminate of knowledge in order to help people and cities become more sustainable in future.


Entry: Cartography
Focus: WhyMap

During the past decades the interest in groundwater increased considerably due to water shortage problems on local, regional and even global levels. The use of groundwater is considered as an appropriate way out of regional water crises caused by population growth and economic development but the knowledge of this hidden resource is still weak in many places and investments in groundwater management and protection are insufficient.


Entry: ZOE
Focus: Zones of Emergency

Zones of Emergency, is a collaboration between MIT Visual Arts Program and artists, technologists, theorists and practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds and fields. The purpose of ZOE is to examine the scale and complexity of catastrophe and disaster scenarios through lectures and panel discussions.