Entry: Ecological City and Building
Focus: Architectural Biennial Beijing

The theme of ABB2008 will be "Ecological City / Building". The exhibition series of activities will focus on the relationship between city planning and architectural design, study the policies and ways on how to realize resources reservation and ecological harmony in the construction of Chinese cities and towns, exchange experiences of domestic and foreign city construction, as well as look forward to the 21st century's eco-city development.


Entry: Blog
Focus: Sustainability Reloaded

Together Volume and Abitare launched a blog: Sustainability Reloaded. This blog functions as a platform for thinking out loud on the evasive concept of ’sustainability’. The exchange of information on the blog functions as runway kickstarted by Volume and Abitare at the Venice Biennale 2008. Each magazine draws from its own experience and visions in an attempt to reassess what is at stake.