Entry: Time
Focus: Exploringtime

Each and every day, whether we notice it or not, an endless current of change occurs without pause, flowing relentlessly on the river of time, through and around us. Surprisingly, we never see the vast majority of these vital processes. In fact we can't see them because these events happen much too quickly or too slowly for our human senses to perceive.
Scientists are now opening new windows on this landscape, illuminating nature from the inner workings of atoms to the motions of the stars, from billionths of seconds to billions of years.



Entry: The Seville Biennial
Focus: BIACS3

In this age of information and communications technology (ICT), how the world is perceived and enacted is increasingly dominated by the media, and the influence of the media on art is also on the increase. The Biennale will show how contemporary art worldwide has changed through the influence of media, technology, and science. ICT owes its development to the findings of science, from semiconductor physics to nano-technology. Thus the common point of origin of the media and media art is science and technology.


Entry: Biological Processes and Computation
Focus: Acadia 2008

The ACADIA 2008 Conference fosters design work and research from the worlds of practice and academia which lie at the intersection between design, biology, and computation. More specifically, this conference seeks to identify and examine current trends in digital design technologies developed and applied in the framework of biologically inspired processes and digitally assisted sustainable design.



Entry: Critical Digital
Focus: What Matters(s)?

The purpose of Critical Digital is to foster a dialogue about digital media, digital technology, and design and to challenge the basis of contemporary digital media arguments. The intention is to identify, distinguish, and offer a critique on current trends, tendencies, movements, and practices in digital culture. Critical Digital provides a forum for discussion and enrichment of the experiences in this discourse. Through diverse activities, symposia, competitions, conferences, and publications, Critical Digital is supporting dialogue that challenges what is rapidly becoming the de facto mainstream. What is digital? Why should design be (or not) digital? How have practitioners and schools been using digital media?