Entry: Portraits of Matter
Focus: Labdora

In a series of drawings sculptures and video installations Peter Macapia and labdora explore the idea of portraiture as a negotiation between the random and the specific. The portrait is a negotiation between an artist and a subject in which the natural and the artificial are intimately linked. Works include: Wax descending the wall (sculptural installation), Liquid numbers (drawings), and Portrait of the office as an artist (video installation).


Entry: Forum
Focus: Aedes-arc

The Architecture Forum Aedes has become one of the most successful institutions internationally for communicating architectural culture, urban design and similar topics. Aedes is associated world-wide with the great names of the architectural avant-garde and offers an excellent platform for new generations of architects in a global context. With its continuous work, Aedes has evolved into a unique cultural brand which enjoys an outstanding reputation.


Entry: Operation of Buildings
Focus: Energy Manual

While the efficiency and sustainability offensive is in full swing in most sectors of the economy, in the construction sector it is still in its very beginnings a" economically as well as ecologically. However, politicians and policymakers at the global, European, and national levels have begun to address this deficit and are seeking to correct it with legal requirements and laws like EnEV, building certifications, and competitions. Following the proven model of earlier manuals in the series, the Energy Manual presents a comprehensive look at the constructional parameters of energy efficiency and sustainability. It offers an advance look at the legal regulations being planned by the EU, and a" as a tool ready for immediate use by architects, engineers, and designers in their daily work a" it points the way toward the efficient and sustainable construction and operation of buildings. With its focus on the entire lifecycle of a building, it provides an integrated perspective a" a necessary prerequisite for sustainable economic management.