Entry: Entomology
Focus: Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. The Department of Entomology offers outstanding academic programs for undergraduate and graduate student preparation for careers in research, extension, business, or industry.


Entry: Scripting
Focus: Paraclouding

ParaCloud is a software solution that converts Microsoft Excelâ„¢ spreadsheet into a powerful generative and associative modeling and analysis application. ParaCloud extends common CAD software capabilities with minimal changes to working habits and defines a new way of communication replacing the import/export approach. ParaCloud Modeler drives Rhino 3.0, Rhino 4.0, Autodesk Maya, DXF, OBJ, STL and VRML output.


Entry: Geology
Focus: One Geology

OneGeology is an international initiative of the geological surveys of the world and a flagship project of the 'International Year of Planet Earth'. Its aim is to create dynamic geological map data of the world available via the web. This will create a focus for accessing geological information for everyone. Thanks to the enthusiasm and support of participating nations the initiative has progressed rapidly and geological surveys and the many users of their data are excited about this ground-breaking project.


Entry: Experimental
Focus: Archilab

Since its creation ARCHILAB has grown into a major point of reference in the field of research architecture, a unique platform highlighting the work of the most innovative architectural teams from around the world. The biennial national and international event enables the public to discover architectural proposals and implemented projects that contribute to renewing perceptions of and the debate on the link between architecture and society.



Entry: Cross-Disciplinary
Focus: Dawn Damby

Dawn Damby explores the intersection of design, sustainability and business. Which is a fancy way of saying that she wants the things we make to benefit both people and the world. An industrial designer by training, she's a boundary-spanner and synthesist who has acted as a cross-disciplinary designer, strategist, art director, project manager, producer and artist.


Entry: Smart Structures and Materials
Focus: SMART 2009

In the past decade technological developments in material and computer sciences have evolved to the point where their synergistic combination have culminated in a new field of multidisciplinary research in smart structures, systems and related technologies. The advances in material sciences have provided a comprehensive and theoretical framework for implementing multifunctionality into materials, and the development of high speed digital computers has permitted the transformation of that framework into methodologies for practical design and production.