Entry: Portal & Search Engine
Focus: Water Conserve

Water Conserve is a Water Conservation Portal dedicated to protecting and conserving drinking water and ecosystems worldwide - with a genuine Internet water search engine, constant water news and link tracking, and biocentric commentary.


Entry: Materials
Focus: Scaled Composites

Scaled Composites, LLC, is an aerospace and specialty composites development company located in Mojave, California. Founded in 1982 by Burt Rutan, Scaled has broad experience in air vehicle design, tooling, and manufacturing, specialty composite structure design, analysis and fabrication, and developmental flight test.


Entry: Space Tourism
Focus: Space Future

The main problem about space is how much it costs to get there: it's too expensive! And that's mainly because launch vehicles are expendable, either entirely, like satellite launchers, or partly, like the space shuttle.



Entry: Experimental
Focus: Mas Yendo

Mas Yendo was born in 1957 in Tokyo, Japan, and educated at the Rhode Island School of Design (B.A.) and Pratt Institute (M.A., architecture). His experimental works have recently been compiled in his monograph Ironic Diversions, published by Springer/Wien through the Research Institute of Experimental Architecture. He lives and works in New York City.


Entry: Interactivity
Focus: Virtools

With Virtools technology, develop exceptional interactive real-time applications for industry and game production. Whether for online, desktop-based, large-scaled interactive digital mock-ups or video game consoles, Virtools solutions allow creating real-time interactive experiences with superior graphics and complex interactivity.


Entry: CAD/CAM
Focus: Design Fabrication Group

The Design Fabrication Group is a center for education and research in areas of rapid prototyping and CAD/CAM fabrication for architects and designers. The group engages faculty, students and staff in research focused on the relationship between design computing and physical output used for design representation and reflection.