Entry: Clinical CT
Focus: Computer Tomography

With outstanding imaging, short examination times, pre-installed scan protocols, and optimized utilization of the X-ray tube, this all-rounder meets and exceeds all demands of daily clinical routine.


Entry: Code
Focus: Script by Purpose

Scriptedbypurpose, the invited section of the show - will cluster a selection of 20 young offices, research groups, and individuals emerging within the fiels, scriptedbypurpose will regroup a collection of different computational languages (AutoLisp, Rhinoscripting, MEL, Maxscript, Processing, ActionScript, Java, etc…) compiled towards varying interests and outputs (digital art, design tools, form finding, optimization, problem solving, digital fabrication, etc…).


Entry: Rare Books
Focus: Octavo

The best in advanced technology to uncover and enhance the seminal ideas of the past in ways that will provide inspiration for the present and future, through our published Editions, Octavo facilitates preservation and enables discovery for a wide range of audiences.