Design _63

Entry: Parsing Culture
Focus: Erratica

Erratica was first conceived in a sleepless night in Torino in 2000. Thinking about a place to make (architectural and theoretical) mistakes, the name was the first conceptual mistake: erratic is not to make mistakes, but instead to wander, to be inconsistent or deviating from the norm… The inconsistency was completely consistent.


Entry: Critical Mix
Focus: Avatar London

The Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research Laboratory was founded in September 2004 at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. Philosophically and artistically, AVATAR is convinced that the new technologies prompt a re-evaluation of Surrealist spatial protocols and tactics.


Entry: Brain
Focus: Neuron

Neuron now publishes online readers’ comments on published Neuron articles. The goal of the format is to provide readers a forum to voice their opinions on work that is published in Neuron. The comments can relate to the specific experiments, techniques, and conclusions of the paper or may address broader issues and debates in the field. Online comments can be made for any published article in Neuron, including the online back archive.