Entry: e-network
Focus: e-flux

Established in January 1999 in New York, e-flux is an international network which reaches more then 50,000 visual art professionals on daily bases through its website, e-mail list and special projects. Its news digest – e-flux announcements – distributes information on some of the world's most important contemporary art exhibitions, publications and symposia.


Entry: Not Solicited
Focus: Unsolicited Architecture

In order to actively grapple with the questions and challenges of our age, architects have to redefine their role, transform themselves from extremely competent executors of assignments into entrepreneurs and producers. At the end of the 20th century the architect’s social position slipped away from him. The architect as social engineer, as organizer of social relationships, as the one who inspires political decisions, as a professional power player in the game of spatial distribution appears to be a remarkable intermediate phase in architecture’s century long development. His professional choice in recent decades has been reduced to supplying designs and assembling materials in a spatial configuration with a certain esthetic quality. ‘Perhaps the time has come to design not as solicited by client, site or available budget, but to design unsolicited architecture and find clients, sites and budgets for it.’ Ole Bouman


Entry: Energy
Focus: DØ Experiment

The DØ Experiment consists of a worldwide collaboration of scientists conducting research on the fundamental nature of matter. The experiment is located at the world's premier high-energy accelerator, the Tevatron Collider, at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Batavia, Illinois, USA. The research is focused on precise studies of interactions of protons and antiprotons at the highest available energies. It involves an intense search for subatomic clues that reveal the character of the building blocks of the universe.


Entry: Particle Physics
Focus: Interactions is designed to serve as a central resource for communicators of particle physics. The site is updated daily with news, information, images and links from the world of particle physics. It provides links to current particle physics news from the world's press, high-resolution photos and graphics from the particle physics laboratories of the world; links to education and outreach programs; information about science policy and funding; links to universities.