Entry: Blood Vessels
Focus: Edwin L. Steele Laboratory

To Research, the further mechanistic understanding of the vascular, interstitial and cellular barriers to the delivery and effectiveness of molecular medicine to solid tumors. Develop and test new strategies to overcome the physiological barriers for improved detection and treatment of primary and metastatic tumors in mice.


Entry: Non Physical
Focus: Immaterial Architecture

Architecture is generally perceived as the solid, physical matter that it unarguably creates, but what of the spaces it creates? This issue drives Hill's explorative look at the immaterial aspects of architecture. Focusing on immaterial architecture as the perceived absence of matter, Hill devises new means to explore the creativity of both the user and the architect, advocating an architecture that fuses the immaterial and the material and considers its consequences, challenging preconceptions about architecture, its practice, purpose, matter and use.


Entry: Philosophy
Focus: Defining Space

Often invoked as the key parameter for understanding twentieth-century culture, does space retain this centrality today? In the mid-1940s, such influential exponents of modernist culture as Sigfried Giedion, Clement Greenberg and Joseph Frank asserted the primacy of space in the theory and practice of architecture, art and literature respectively, defining the modern by divorcing it from temporal or historical forms of understanding. Since the 1970s, however, space has been increasingly problematised: imploded through technological acceleration (Virilio), emptied out by the circulation of consumer goods (Baudrillard), transformed into a trap through surveillance (Foucault), or manipulated to conceal profound economic transformations (Fredric Jameson and David Harvey). The once reassuringly neutral category of space has been unmasked as uncanny and warped (Anthony Vidler), distorted by relations of gender (Doreen Massey) and race (Homi Bhabha).


Entry: Digital database
Focus: Art and Culture

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