Entry: Environmental Tectonics
Focus: Smaq

SMAQ´s method´s mesh the elastic thinking of diagrammatic relations with the physicality of precise volumetric and material definition.


Entry: Biomimetic
Focus: Dennis Dollens

Natural and digitally grown tumbleweeds as an example of biomimetic observations that can then be edited/developed and used for 3D visualization and CAD/CAM manufacturing. Biomimetic process of studying plant morphology and applying observed properties to digital forms leading to the development of a series of icons that are used like a form-lexicon for the development of structures, surfaces and spaces.


Entry: Surfaces
Focus: Ultra Materials

Smart substances, intelligent interfaces, and sensory surfaces are redefining the world we live in, from self-cleaning materials based on the surface morphology of a lotus leaf to outdoor pavilions made from inflatable membrane exteriors to temperature-regulated clothing.


Entry: Crafts
Focus: Manufacturing Process

Today’s product designers are presented with a myriad of choices when creating their work and preparing it for manufacture. They have to be knowledgeable about a vast repertoire of processes, ranging from what used to be known as traditional "crafts" to the latest technology, to enable their designs to be manufactured effectively and efficiently.