Entry: Appliances
Focus: InteractiveSpaces

InteractiveSpaces is an interdisciplinary research center bringing together architecture, engineering, and computer science with the research mission to create new concepts for future interactive spaces. also bring together companies and public researchers in a R&D activities leading to new products and services for specific domains. The research activities focus on six themes which may be applicable to one or more of the application domain projects undertaken in the center. The application domains to be studied include schools, libraries, museums, homes and specific workplaces.


Entry: Reshape
Focus: Building the Gherkin

Just a month and a day after the disastrous attack on the World Trade Center in New York, the first steel beam of a new tower is erected in London. One question is on everybody's mind: is it the right decision to build a new iconic tower in the midst of London's financial district, on a site that has already been bombed before? The 40-storey steel and glass tower sparks further controversy. Norman Foster, one of Britain's most visionary architects, calls his design for the new Swiss Re London headquarters 'radial-socially, technically, architecturally and spatially'. In fact, its size and shape are so radical that it is almost immediately nicknamed 'the erotic gherkin'.


Entry: Museum
Focus: S AM

The Architekturmuseum Basel is a privately funded foundation, presenting a varied sequence of exhibitions on Swiss and international architecture. The museum was founded in 1984, and thanks to its wide-ranging activities has established itself as a highly regarded cultural institution within the growing public debate on architecture.