Entry: Weblog
Focus: Life Without Buildings

News and notes from a poorly named Architecture weblog with a penchant for giant statues and postmodern culture.


Entry: Structural Systems
Focus: Learning Structures

This website provides a learning venue composed of terms, concepts, resources, and instructional support relevant to structural analysis and design for architecture students. The website and the Interactive Structures DVD are components of a project entitled “Learning Structures Through advanced Media: A Comprehensive Approach to Teaching Structures Using Multimedia” – an innovative instructional delivery system that utilizes high quality digital graphics, animation, and audio narration to demonstrate the structural principles.


Entry: On site
Focus: GPS Drawing

The GPS Drawings are compilations of all of tracks on water, over land and in the air. As cartographic journals they recollect moments and patterns of life. They are delineations of movements as recorded by GPS and represent the everyday journey alongside travels that avoid the functional and the familiar.