Entry: Building & Research
Focus: Philip Beesley

Philip Beesley practices art, architecture and research in Waterloo and Toronto, Canada. His creative work in the last decade has focused on sculpture and landscape installations. Work within the practice of Philip Beesley Architect combines public buildings, exhibitry, stage design, and community planning.


Entry: Data base
Focus: Artnet

Artnet is the place to buy, sell and research fine art online. Our online Gallery Network is the largest of its kind, with over 1,700 galleries in over 250 cities worldwide, more than 100,000 works by over 25,000 artists from around the globe. The Network serves dealers and art buyers alike by providing a survey of the market and its pricing trends, as well as the means to communicate instantly, inexpensively and globally.


Entry: Environment
Focus: Questions for the future

After a century of economic progress powered by gas, electricity and motor fuel, politicians and business leaders face difficult decisions about how to secure energy for the future. Governments and corporations are struggling to achieve true security in energy supply.