Entry: Competition
Focus: Advanced Architecture Contest

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is issuing an international summons to architects, students and designers from around the world to invite proposals for the construction of self-sufficient dwellings, in which the emphasis will be on exploring people’s capacity to construct their own homes, especially through the use of digital technologies.


Entry: Mix
Focus: The Aesthetic Poetic

AP (The Aesthetic Poetic) is a frequently updated website that encompasses the broad topics of Art, Fashion, Lifestyle, Design, Music, Technology and life.


Entry: Objects and spaces
Focus: Interaction Design Lab

Designing the present is the aim. The interpretation of interaction design is wide: from this viewpoint the only possible design in the complex world we happen to live in. Interactivity meant as dialogue is the key ingredient.

Art _104

Entry: Not-for-profit organisation
Focus: ISISarts

ISIS initiates and manages artist residencies, productions and exhibitions, and works with artists on collaborative projects and events. It has a track record of providing quality arts projects to benefit individual artists, schools and communities alike, whilst promoting the professional status of the artist. ISIS has a digital facility serving artists in the region and energetically promotes an interdisciplinary approach to the use of new media in the arts.


Entry: Exploratory
Focus: Future Perfect

Future Perfect is about the collision of people, society and technology, drawing on issues related to the design research.


Entry: Network
Focus: Architexturez

Architexturez is an inter-network with focus on South Asia, a web-based infrastructure that stands amongst the network of institutions, organizations and individuals. Architexturez is a researching system, and a web-based aggregator of ideas and propositions concerning physical space and the related disciplines, News, Inflexions, institutions and individuals, Socio-Dynamic Tension, research and documents. South-Asian specificities, co-ordination. Discourse and Publishing.