Entry: Lifestyle
Focus: Land+Living

Land+Living is dedicated to modern lifestyle and design. We believe the connection people have with the environment in which they live, both indoors and out, is of utmost importance and that good design affects the quality of life both through function and aesthetic pleasure. Land+Living strives to provide a forum for outstanding design for home and garden and for inspiration. All dated posts at Land+Living are selected to showcase designers, objects and spaces that we admire as well as an opportunity to express opinions and encourage discussion about the role of design in our word and in our lifestyle.


Entry: Cartography
Focus: Nolli Web Site

The Nolli Web Site presents the 1748 Nolli map of Rome as a dynamic, interactive, hands-on tool. The public now has access to cataloged information about the map in both written and graphical form. The map not only provides rich information, but it has the ability to be updated with new data over time to embrace expanding knowledge.


Entry: Mad metropolis
Focus: Sleepy City

The city tumbles across the landscape, its vague boundaries eating ever outwards. The root like tunnels burrow haphazardly below while the manmade spires soar far above, spindly fingers reaching for the stars. Between these two extremes the ants of this mad metrolpolis scurry about their business unaware of the back alleys, tunnels and haunts of yesteryear. Unknown to most, beyond that decaying doorframe or rusty metal portal wait adventure and sights few shall see. To reach this parallel world all one needs is a torch and a great curiousity of spirit.


Entry: Underground
Focus: Vanishing Point

The built environment of the city has always been incomplete, by omission and necessity, and will remain so. Despite the visions of futurists, the work of our planners and cement-layers thankfully remains a fractured and discontinuous whole, an urban field riven with internal margins, pockmarked by decay, underlaid with secret waterways. Stepping outside our prearranged traffic patterns and established destinations, we find a city laced with liminality, with borderlands cutting across its heart and reaching into its sky. We find a thousand vanishing points, each unique, each alive, each pregnant with riches and wonders and time.