Entry: Aerial Cartographies
Focus: David Maisel

David Maisel studied architecture, landscape architecture, and photography at both Princeton University and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, before leaving the latter to pursue his photographic career full-time. He has become most widely known for his aerial work, which includes extended studies of North American mines, clear-cut forests, urban sprawl, evaporation ponds and other peripheral industries of the Great Salt Lake.


Entry: Networks
Focus: Kazys Varnelis

Kazys Varnelis's teaching and research focuses on contemporary architecture, late modernism, architecture and capitalism, and the impact of recent changes in telecommunications and demographics on the contemporary city. Most recently, Kazys has been exploring Network Culture, the Network City, and Networked Publics.


Entry: Digital
Focus: Processing Blogs

Aggregating blogs about processing and related topics.


Entry: Reshaping
Focus: The Institute for Figuring

The Institutes interests are twofold: the manifestation of figures in the world around us and the figurative technologies that humans have developed through the ages. From the physics of snowflakes and the hyperbolic geometry of sea slugs, to the mathematics of paper folding, the tiling patterns of Islamic mosaics and graphical models of the human mind, the Institute takes as its purview a complex ecology of figuring.


Entry: Space, Time and Language
Focus: Social Fiction is a long-term research project that seeks to develop speculative knowledge that subverts ordinary ways to employ, experience and measure space, time and language. The day to day reality of is filled with projects. For most of them we encourage participation by persons known and unknown. Some of our projects are like whales, most are like plankton: the small ones feed the large ones.


Entry: Design and Making Things
Focus: PingMag

Video: Excerpt of Fritz Lang Metropolis (1927).
PingMag is an online design magazine based in Tokyo. Defining the term design as broadly as we can, PingMag writes about ideas and inspiration coming from both world class designers, and from the little store on the corner, that looks at everything; product design, packaging, architecture, web design, typography, illustration, photography, fashion, programming, graphics, video, art, toys, traditional crafts, graffiti, set design…. Anything.


Entry: Out of Print
Focus: Future of the Book

The printed page is giving way to the networked screen. The Institute for the Future of the Book seeks to chronicle this shift, and impact its development in a positive direction. The Institute is a project of the Annenberg Center for Communication at the University of Southern California, and is based in Brooklyn, New York. For the past five hundred years, humans have used print — the book and its various page-based cousins — to move ideas across time and space. Radio, cinema and television emerged in the last century and now, with the advent of computers, we are combining media to forge new forms of expression. For now, we use the word "book" broadly, even metaphorically, to talk about what has come before — and what might come next.