Entry: Shaping Forms
Focus: Data is Nature

Dataisnature is a weblog of personal and recreational research containing information and links covering the following topics - Robot Art, Algorithmic and Procedural Art, Computational Aesthetics, Glitch Aesthetics, Vjing, Video Art, Computational Archaeology and similar subjects.


Entry: Digital
Focus: Vagueterrain

Vague Terrain is a web based quarterly publication showcasing work from various International artists, musicians, and writers. The quarterly samples the focus and methodologies of academic and art journals, and examines contemporary issues in an immediate and accessible manner that reflects the nature of the web. Content consists of curated visual, audio, and written works.


Entry: Publisher
Focus: Actar

Video: ZX Spectrum Arkanoid (1986).
Actar is a publishing house for art, architecture, photography and design, but its contents are about architecturephotographyartdesign . There is a slight difference: material productions are not static; neither is the information surrounding them. In art there is architecture, in architecture there is photography, in photography there is design... There is something that extends over us and leads us to reconsider the whole world of visual production, be it formal or cultural: the generalised management of information dissolves any static relation among artistic productions, at the same time dissolving any relationship between producers and receivers. Advertising, videos, written or filmed narratives, photographs, audio or video recordings, artistic messages and an infinity of possible registers are all quantifiable in the form of bits of information that today anyone is capable of processing from their very own home. Actar is, therefore, a printed means of dissemination that makes up part of this informational and postindustrial context.


Entry: Research
Focus: IaaC

The IaaC aims to be a center of international reference, oriented towards research development, education and the diffusion of an advanced architecture.