Entry: Shareware
Focus: ArtSoftware is an index of free and open source art software.


Entry: Mapping
Focus: Else/Where: Mapping

Else/Where: Mapping explores the importance of maps as aids to navigation, understanding, and cultural representation. Traditionally written by history's victors, maps are gaining new currency in our information-saturated age as a means of making arguments and processes visible. Mapping technologies today are as diverse as the agendas driving them: the human body is mapped with 3-D software, buildings are mapped with lasers, and cities are mapped by satellite. Else/Where: Mapping proposes-by visual example and written analysis-that mapmaking is a fundamental design process, one that shapes the physical and conceptual dimensions of contemporary multicultural society.


Entry: Technological Nodes
Focus: Biothing

Biothing is Alisa Andrasek, doing architecture, design and computation.


Entry: Zielinski
Focus: Deep Time of the Media

A quest to find something new by excavating the "deep time" of media's development - not by simply looking at new media's historic forerunners, but by connecting models, machines, technologies, and accidents that have until now remained separated. Deep Time of the Media takes us on an archaeological quest into the hidden layers of media development - dynamic moments of intense activity in media design and construction that have been largely ignored in the historical-media archaeological record. Siegfried Zielinski argues that the history of the media does not proceed predictably from primitive tools to complex machinery; in Deep Time of the Media, he illuminates turning points of media history - fractures in the predictable - that help us see the new in the old. Drawing on original source materials, Zielinski explores the technology of devices for hearing and seeing through two thousand years of cultural and technological history.


Entry: Numerical
Focus: Artport Whitney

Artport is the Whitney Museum's portal to net art and digital arts, and an online gallery space for commissioned net art projects.


Entry: Architecture and Urbanism
Focus: Biennale Rotterdam

On 24 May 2007, under the curatorship of the Berlage Institute, the third International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, POWER – Producing the Contemporary City, will open in the port city, deploying its theme to examine the various forces at work in ‘producing’ the twenty-first century city and the role architects and urbanists can play in this crucible of forces.