Entry: Portal
Focus: The Twentieth Century So

The Twentieth Century Society was founded as the Thirties Society in 1979 – the year the Thirties exhibition was shown at the Hayward Gallery. The need for a specialised conservation society covering the period after 1914 (the limit of the scope of the Victorian Society, founded twenty years earlier) was increasingly appreciated in the 1970s as understanding and awareness of twentieth century design was developing


Entry: Senses
Focus: The Eyes of Skin

Since the book's first publication, interest in the role of the body and the senses has been emerging in both architectural philosophy and teaching. This new, revised and extended edition of this seminal work will not only inspire architects and students to design more holistic architecture, but will enrich the general reader's perception of the world around them. The Eyes of the Skin has become a classic of architectural theory and consists of two extended essays. The first surveys the historical development of the ocular-centric paradigm in western culture since the Greeks, and its impact on the experience of the world and the nature of architecture. The second examines the role of the other senses in authentic architectural experiences, and points the way towards a multi-sensory architecture which facilitates a sense of belonging and integration.


Entry: Wiki
Focus: Cityborg

Cityborg try to be a cultural project oriented to build a digital open platform to generate social networks in our mediated environments.


Entry: Geo Maps
Focus: NGDC

NGDC and the collocated World Data Center for Marine Geology & Geophysics, Boulder, compile, maintain, archive, and distribute data from extensive databases in both coastal and open ocean areas. Key data types include bathymetry and gridded relief, trackline geophysics (gravity, magnetics, seismic reflection), sediment thickness, data from ocean drilling and seafloor sediment and rock samples and digital coastlines.


Entry: Weblog
Focus: Tropolism

Tropolism means urban life is a glorious mess, as are the buildings and spaces that enable it.


Entry: Portal
Focus: World Water

Water is one of our most critical resources, but around the world it is under threat. is dedicated to providing information and resources to help protect and preserve fresh water around the globe.


Entry: Weblog
Focus: Curbed

The New York City neighbourhoods and real estate blog.


Entry: Mix
Focus: Archifactory

Office for contemporary architecture, urbanism and design.