Entry: Future Possibilities
Focus: Animals of the Future

Become a time-travelling scientist and visit the animals of the future.


Entry: Web Collage
Focus: Hovagimyan

American performance artist G.H. Hovagimyan makes the process public in his 'instant web collage' aptly titled 'Vanity Search.' Created for the online collection, Computer Fine Arts, the piece is programmed to constantly search for 'gh hovagimyan,' using each of the major search engines currently operating online, including image-finding bots. The site automatically flashes through the real-time results of the queries, raising questions about the eventual entropy of both the information sought and the corporations in place to track it. The artist categorizes the project as Neo-Fluxus information art.


Entry: Art and Science
Focus: L´Oréal Prize

The L'Oréal Art & Science of Color prizes, created in Japan in 1997 by the L'Oréal Art and Science Foundation, has taken an international dimension since 1999, with an international jury of artists and scientists. The prizes are given to artists and scientists in recognition for their works achieved on the theme of color, the veritable link between Art and Science.


Entry: Sci-fi
Focus: Space: 1999

Space: 1999 was a British science-fiction television show about the journey of the occupants of a Moon base after the Moon is knocked out of orbit by a nuclear explosion.


Entry: Media
Focus: Lew Rockwell

Anti-state, Anti-war, Pro-market


Entry: Food
Focus: Molecular Gastronomy

A well-known chemist, a popular French television personality, a best-selling cookbook author, the first person to hold a doctorate in molecular gastronomy, and, coincidentally, a former editor at Pour la Science, the French edition of Scientific American. All these appellation come together in Hervé This, a scholar-gastronome who now has his first book available in English. One of the founders of molecular gastronomy, which brings the instruments and experimental techniques of the lab into the kitchen, the author blends practical tips and provocative suggestions with serious discussions about how the brain perceives tastes, for example, and how chewing affects food.