Entry: Marine Biology
Focus: Micro Shells

Shells from Japan.


Entry: Art Dialogues
Focus: Forma

Forma is one of Europe's leading production agencies for innovative, genre-defying art.


Entry: Biology
Focus: Moths and Butterflies

The aim of this work is to provide a large iconographic sample of European moths and butterflies and, for each species, information about food plants, breeding and life cycle.


Entry: Museum
Focus: The Swedish Museum of Natural History

Our vision is to "increase all people´s understanding of nature and its diversity". Nature is amazing and rich, but also under threat. We want everyone, young and old, expert and novice, to learn more about nature, view it from a holistic perspective and respect man´s place in it. To help make our vision to come true, we have formulated our mission statement: "We want to be a centre of knowledge and a thriving meeting place for the general public and experts alike."


Entry: Publisher
Focus: Intellect

Intellect published its first journal in 1986 and its first book in 1987. Since then we have served the academic community by publishing authors and editors with original thinking. As we continue to grow, we are seeking new authors and editors with a strong commitment to their ideas. Being an academic publisher, all our manuscripts are subject to peer review. We commission regardless of whether there is an established readership for the ideas.


Entry: Biology
Focus: Cactus

This web site is dedicated to cacti and other succulent plants. Its goal is to centralize as much as possible information for the enthusiasts growing such plants.


Entry: Portal
Focus: Building Green

A subscription-based online resource for environmentally sensitive design and construction.


Entry: Portal
Focus: Habitas Online

Botany Geology Zoology


Entry: DNA
Focus: National Center for Biotechnology Information

Understanding nature's mute but elegant language of living cells is the quest of modern molecular biology. From an alphabet of only four letters representing the chemical subunits of DNA emerges a syntax of life processes whose most complex expression is man.


Entry: Hertz Waves
Focus: New American Radio

In its ten years as a weekly national series, NAR commissioned and distributed over 300 original works: conceptual new drama, associational documentary, language explorations, sonic meditations, environmental compositions, musical explorations and works that pioneer new dimensions in acoustic space.


Entry: Experimental electronic music and mixed media
Focus: iXem

iXem represent a network of Italian artists and musicians interested in artistic experimentation and contemporary art.iXem is focused towards everyone in Italy who is involved in art and music with a particular interest in experimentation and non commercial production. This mean that it comprise not only all the people already working in association with iXem, but also all the people that today are working in the field of the electronic and experimental arts.This field is complex and in continuous evolution, and in order to face large thematic become necessary a unanimous opinion inside the community of people involved in the creative process.


Entry: Raw Sounds
Focus: Gregory Whitehead

Radioplays screamscapes vulnerology prosthesis underground


Entry: Marine Biology
Focus: Crabs

Fiddler crabs are small, semi-terrestrial crabs of the genus Uca that are characterized by extreme cheliped asymmetry in males. They are most closely related to the Ocypode (ghost crabs).


Entry: Sounds of Impermanence
Focus: Gears of Sand

Gears of Sand Recordings is a not-for-profit independent electronic/electro-acoustic label. With a deep appreciation for the mysterious and always changing inertia of life itself, gears of sand recordings vis-a-vis its artists seeks to inhabit a broad and varied array of deeply personal sound spaces. In short, we seek to release music that our listeners can FEEL as well as hear. As a non-profit committed to releasing artists' works as first priority, those who purchase gos releases are directly facilitating the ability of the label to release the highest quality music from around the world.


Entry: BD
Focus: Angouleme International Comics Festival

The International Comics Festival offers the possibility of enriching your cultural program by putting at your disposal a selection of the great exhibitions which have long been favorites with the general public.


Entry: Sustainable
Focus: US Green Building Council

The U.S. Green Building Council is the nation’s foremost coalition of leaders from across the building industry working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work.


Entry: Public Health
Focus: Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV)

A nonprofit organization created to discover, develop and deliver new antimalarial drugs through effective public-private partnerships.
Our vision is a world in which affordable drugs will help eliminate the devastating effects of malaria and help protect the billions of people, especially children and pregnant women, at risk of this terrible disease.